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Happy New Year

About Us


  • Bickerdyke Elementary School,
    an L-shaped building with the
    east wing being two stories, is
    located at 348 North Maple.
    The building has a large cafeteria,
    which serves as a multi-purpose
    room for lyceums. Construction
    of a building for indoor Physical
    Education classes was completed
    in the Summer of 1995. A
    playground takes up the rest
    of the block.

  • In 1995 Bickerdyke Elementary
    dedicated an Outdoor Wildlife
    Learning Site (OWLS). See link
    for more information.

  • Bickerdyke Elementary School's
    mascot is the Mustang.



bes picture

BES gymnasium


Welcome to Bickerdyke Elementary School!



We, the staff of Bickerdyke School, recognize the special characteristics and unique needs of elementary school children. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn, to develop high levels of self-esteem as well as self-discipline, and to be successful in a safe, secure environment.We further believe that we have good reason to feel pride in who we are, what we are accomplishing, and in the school community that we have created.



Bickerdyke Elementary School has a mission to prepare its students to live, learn, and work in an ever-changing society in the 21st century.  It is the goal of this school to provide equal learning opportunity for all students and to encourage the pursuit of life long learning.


Bickerdyke Elementary School provides a facility for the comfort, health, and education of Russell-area elementary children. Within its walls, Bickerdyke personnel provide the instruction and guidance necessary to encourage each student to grow and prosper in their future education.


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that you would like to see added to this site, eMail: acline@usd407.org or jfeil@usd407.org.

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